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So, there's this con coming up in June, and RM and I would like to participate in the con at the same time and without the Baby Girl (who has another 14 years to go before she can attend the con).

We're looking for someone who would be willing to spend five or six hours over the course of the con weekend looking after the BG -- probably something like hanging at a nearby playground for a couple hours each afternoon.

In exchange, we'll cover the cost of hir CON.TXT membership ($100 through May 15).

Ideally, this person will have recent child care/babysitting experience and know IRL someone we know IRL.

(Alternatively, if you're a parent planning to bring your kid to the con, we'd be happy to trade child care time with you.)

If you're interested, please comment. (Comments are screened, b/c somehow that seemed like a good idea.) If you think you know someone who might be interested, please pass this along.
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I'm tweeting now, for whatever that's worth -- but not under any names anyone might be familiar with. If you're interested in following me, send me an email, and if I know you I'll tell you how to find me.
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We've been hitting the pool at least once a week all summer. By week 2, the BG was comfortable paddling all over the place in her floaties while I spectated beside the pool.

So tonight we went to the pool, and I helped her change into her suit, and while I found a place to spread out our stuff, she said, "Mom, can I get in the pool now??" and I said sure.

And as I heard her jump in I automatically turned to watch her and idly thought, "Huh, she usually doesn't sink under like that," before my brain kicked into gear and I realized, "*Shit*, she's not wearing her floaties!"

I knelt beside the pool and watched her head bob back up, thinking just maybe she'd be able to come up paddling without her floaties, and wouldn't that be awesome?

But her eyes were scared and her mouth never made it out of the water, so I climbed in, clothes and all, and hauled her into my arms. And she was shaky, but fine -- she'd kept her head and held her breath.

And then RM showed up (he'd gone to get a coke) and asked what was going on, and I climbed out and went to quietly go into hysterics change into my suit while she got a hug from Baba, and when I came out of the dressing room the first thing she said was, "Will you get in the pool with me now?"

So we got back in the pool, and she laughed and shrieked and splashed with no fear at all. "Mom, when I drowned, I held my breath, and I was so brave," she said.
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So, there was a hurricane (which the BG charmingly kept calling a "candy cane"). But I'm so used to the late summer thunderstorms in DC, and Irene didn't have a whole lot of thunder and lightning (I guess maybe hurricanes don't?), so it was kinda anticlimactic. (Also, we are fortunate enough to live in a part of town where the power lines are all underground.)

In other news, Neil Gaiman and Armistead Maupin had a beautiful Twitter conversation:

NG: Oh bloody hell. That's an actual cock crowing outside the window as I try to get to sleep. #welcometothecountryside
AM: @neilhimself Some of us enjoy an actual cock at bedtime ;)
NG: @ArmisteadMaupin I think you need this:
AM: @neilhimself I will NOT make a rim pun, I will NOT make a rim pun ...
NG: @ArmisteadMaupin I love and miss you (as does Amanda), and I am proud of you for not making a rim pun.

Finally, the BG started real, live public school on Friday (I know!). Her teacher seems awesome so far -- she has a real knack for putting kids at ease. Also, she said the BG is "a joy." ::beams with pride:: (Also also, she said the BG is "a talker." Ahem. Score one for nurture.)
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The other day I was sitting in Starbucks at lunchtime, not too far from the spot where people wait to pick up their drinks. There was a couple standing there, and the way they were standing/speaking, I could hear his side of the conversation clearly, but hers was like the teachers in Charlie Brown specials -- wah wah wah. So anyhow, this is what I heard:

man: How'd everything go?
woman: Fine, wah wah wah wah
man: You picked up the car?
woman: wah wah wah wah
man: No sign of the police?
woman: wah wah wah wah

Maybe it's just me, but I can't figure out how a conversation featuring the question "no sign of the police?" could possibly be discussing something completely legit and above-board.
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Sat up late last night reading a very creepy SPN fic (and really, given the show, you'd think there'd be a lot more of those, but not so much).

And then, you know, it was dark, and RM was at work, and the BG was nestled all snug in her bed (sugarplums, etc.), and I still needed to go downstairs and do the dishes and try to ignore the distinct feeling that any minute now, some demonic something was going to come smirking up the basement stairwell and attack me at the kitchen sink.

So I wound up digging through my CDs and listening to the *Godspell* soundtrack. (Because Jesus Christ Superstar is just too cynical to ward off demons at 2 am.)
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IF you declare Saturday a TV amnesty day and allow your three-year-old to watch multiple back-to-back episodes of "Wow Wow Wubbzy," and

IF you stay up past your bedtime reading a shit-ton of Gabriel/Sam Winchester slash,

THEN you just might find yourself, as you stagger bleary-eyed through the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning pouring milk in a sippy cup to soothe said three-year-old back to sleep, pondering how one might vid Supernatural to Wubbzy's theme song.

(In case you're wondering: Walden is clearly Castiel, and even though I initially assumed Wubbzy would be Dean, lyrics-wise Widget must be Dean, which means Wubbzy is Sam and Daizy is Gabriel.)
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So, despite my last several posts, my life hasn't entirely been consumed by parenting -- I really do sometimes do fannish things.

For the past couple nights, RM & I have been watching Luther. I wasn't completely convinced after the first episode, but by the end of the second I was well and truly hooked. There's not as much detecting as I'm used to -- it's mostly Luther having these leaps of intuition and then figuring out how to manipulate people. They are amazing leaps, though, and I love Idris Elba's performance. My only complaint is that, between the accents and the mumbling, we have to turn the volume way up to figure out what anyone is saying.

A couple weeks ago we watched The Eagle on demand, and then I munched through all the Esca/Marcus fic on AO3, pausing to savor Time yet for a hundred indecisions, by linaerys and just about everything by Carmarthen.

There was a burst of Fast Five enthusiasm after the movie came out, but it seems to have died way down, I think because spoiler ). Still, it got me checking in with Vin Diesel's Facebook page every so often, and I was VERY psyched to see hints that the third Riddick film is underway. (John Scalzi wrote an article about the perils of sequels that referenced Chronicles of Riddick as a terrible sequel, which puzzled me, because I *loved* the way that sequel created a whole world from the glimpses we got in Pitch Black.)

p.s. Thanks to all who posted to say they like Spiderman! The BG enjoyed studying all your icons, and has expressed no further reservations about her shoes.
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A month or so ago, we bought the BG some sneakers. They light up with each step she takes and they have Spiderman on them (or 'Fiderman, as she likes to call him), and she LOVES them.

Except apparently some unnmamed kids have been telling her that Spiderman shoes are for boys, not for girls.

So we've talked about how you don't need a p@n1s to wear Spiderman shoes, you just need to like Spiderman.

And we've talked about how, even though most of the kids she sees wearing Spiderman shoes are boys, there are plenty of girls who like Spiderman.

But she hasn't ever *met* any of those girls -- which is where y'all come in.

Shamelessly copying from that mom whose daughter likes Star Wars: If you are a girl or woman on my f'list who likes Spiderman, can you comment here? And if you know a girl or woman who likes Spiderman, can you ask her to comment here?

I'm NOT looking for this to go viral or move off of DW/LJ -- I just want to be able to point to this screen and say to the BG, "See, every one of these little pictures here belongs to a girl or woman who likes Spiderman, just like you."
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1. While we were at the beach, the BG got a temporary glow-in-the-dark tattoo, about two inches in diameter, on her thigh. A week later, it’s faded to a smudgy black patch with a faint yellow cast -- which is to say, it looks an awful lot like a big bruise.

Last night as she was getting into her jammies, RM said with some alarm, “What happened there?”, pointing at the patch on her leg. I hastily explained that it was the remains of her fake tattoo.

The BG agreed, “Yeah, that’s what I told them at school.”

2. At the pool on the 4th, a man who was the spitting image of Dan Savage went out of his way to tell me, in reference to the BG, “She’s beautiful!”

So I got home and googled, and Dan Savage was in DC a few days before – June 29 – which makes me think it might’ve actually been him at the pool. (Also, he’s an adoptive parent himself, and it’s not uncommon for APs to make some sort of overture when they encounter one another.)

3. The BG has started saying “Duh!” She has the intonation right, but she hasn’t -quite- mastered when to apply it. The other day the moon was visible in the morning, and she said, “Hey, I can see the moon! [pause] Duh!”
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Just got back from a week on the Outer Banks, and it was AWESOME.

There were three families with a total of 4 kids, ages 3, 5, 7, and 10. The BG was the youngest, and the only girl, and she had the time of her life. The oldest kid makes these amazing guns out of paper and tape, with parts that move (e.g. magazines that can be removed and reinserted), and they all spent HOURS creeping up and down the stairwell and jumping out from behind corners and "pshiewing" each other, as the BG likes to say. Plus there was a POOL, and then on top of that the BEACH. Literally the first thing out of her mouth one morning, practically before she opened her eyes, was, "Can we go to the beach?"

Once upon a time I went to the Outer Banks annually, but this was my first visit since Hurricane Isabel in 2003, and the northern towns (Duck and Corolla) are WAY more developed than they were. It's all right, I guess, but now that they've taken on a life of their own, I miss the days when Nags Head/KDH was the center of the Outer Banks. Plus, so many of the houses are just freakishly luxurious. (Our house had 6 TVs, including 4 plasma TVs. IDEK.)

I did get to watch actual HDTV, and I discovered that (to my eye) it gives everything an immediacy (I guess that's the word) that makes it seem taped, rather than filmed. I also realized how much I've internalized the idea that film is superior -- because we'd be watching a decent movie (OK, The Jackal -- so not art house fare, but Willis and Gere and Venora and certainly Poitier aren't complete hacks), and I'd have these weird moments where it reminded me of a soap, and that seemed like a bad thing.
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I somehow got into a conversation today about great soundtracks to military films, and everyone (except me) took it for granted that Top Gun was the best, by a wide margin.

Which, just -- what?? Top Gun??

And granted, part of this is because I liked the Berlin that did "Sex (I'm a ...)" and "The Metro," while "Take My Breath Away" made me want to hurl. But I think a large part of it is that I was a good 15-20 years older than everyone else there.

But still -- Top Gun??

There are a ton of military movies with great soundtracks -- Bridge on the River Kwai, Magnificent Seven [which is technically a Western, but actually has a lot military elements] -- shoot, I think I'd even take that dorky song from Kelly's Heroes over *Top Gun*.
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1. The other day on the way to school the BG reminisced about grandpapa's cat that died, and then observed that our cat will die at some point. (The cat's almost 21 and very frail, so this is something we've discussed.) And I said something like, "Yep, everything that's alive eventually dies, people and animals and plants."

And she said confidently, "But not me!"

And I turned to RM and said, "What do I say to that?"

And he said, "Hell if I know."

So we left it like that.

2. Several times on vacation we've had access to a pool, and the BG has really enjoyed playing in the water with me. So when I saw a Groupon offering a discounted membership at a nearby pool, I decided to sign up. We've been to the pool five times since Memorial Day, and she can already dog-paddle all the way across the pool in her floaties!

3. Thursday I zipped my dress up most of the way and waited for an opportune moment to get RM to zip it the rest of the way. But that moment never came, and I forgot all about it, and went to work, and went to some meetings at work, and talked with a bunch of coworkers, and then as I was getting ready to leave work I realized it had been unzipped ALL DAY LONG.

I'm not horribly embarrassed only because I am very sure that 90 percent of the people I encountered would have told me if they'd noticed it, so I figure it must not have been terribly obvious. (It was unzipped to just above my bra strap, and I had my hair down, so maybe it looked like a V back or something.)
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First: I unwisely watched this awesome Bruno Mars video featuring Leonard Nimoy with the BG beside me. She LOVES it. Her favorite part? When he pees at the beginning.

She doesn't know who Leonard Nimoy is, but she knows he's a boy (b/c he pees standing up, which girls at her daycare are not allowed to do, to her dismay), so when I referred to it as the Leonard Nimoy video, she started calling it the "Nemo boy peeing" video. (As in, "Mommy, can I watch the Nemo boy peeing video one more time before bed?")

Second: the BG startled the heck out of RM the other day when she said, "Baba, can I see your finter?"

I cannot even begin to describe his tone as he replied, "Why do you want to see my sphincter?"

"Splinter!" I called out from down the hall. "She's saying splinter!"

(She has trouble with certain consonant blends. Apparently this is normal for three.)

Finally, and unrelated to inappropriate parenting (well, at least so far as I know), RM called me today to let me know he had just discovered the perfect movie for him.

"It has vampires, lesbian vampires," he said.

"You'll love that," I said.

"Yeah, and they're *German*!" he said.

It's like someone peeked into his id for inspiration before they made a movie.
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I will post the random things Ive been accumulating to post:

--The other day I was reading online and someone said "OMSBJ." I was unfamiliar with this internet acronym, so I called out to my colleagues, asking if anyone knew what it meant. Then I hastily explained, "It might not be safe for work, I found it in Alan Cumming's blog," to which one of my colleagues replied, "Then the BJ might be an issue." Meanwhile I was googling it and discovered it means "Oh my sweet baby Jesus," and both of us had to laugh at how utterly off the mark we were.

--Random quote I love from Ke-dollar-sign-ha: "… come on, brushing your teeth with Jack Daniel's: what girl does that? People are like,'Do you really advocate brushing your teeth with bourbon?' I'm like, 'Yes, actually, I do, every day, for everybody. Especially eight year olds.' I mean, what are you talking about? Of course I don't. Come on."

--The BG has been watching a lot of Kai Lan lately, and OMFG, I hate that show. Every episode has some incredibly heavy-handed lesson, and more than half the time RM & I actually disagree with whatever the lesson is. (For example, when Tolee feels left out after he's eliminated in the first round of musical chairs, the show's solution is for everyone to play a different game. RM and I agree that losing a round of musical chairs is not a problem to be solved, it's something Tolee needs to learn to handle. If he can just be patient until the next player gets eliminated, the two of them can play together.) Her preference for wrong-headed, didactic television aside, the BG continues to be *awesome*.
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The latest challenge on Sherlock flashfic is The Case of the Oxford [_______]

Somebody out there HAS to write The Case of the Oxford Comma, in which the whole solution hinges on the presence (or absence) of the aforementioned.
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... explaining to my colleague that I first learned of Osama Bin Laden's death via The Rock's twitter feed (which I was checking to see if it had his reaction to Fast Five's awesome box office performance).