Apr. 13th, 2011

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Today the kids at the BG's daycare were supposed to come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up.

The BG said she wanted to be a firefighter, so this morning (b/c I am a last-minute parent, descended from generations of last-minute parents) I whipped up a firefighter's outfit.

It fairly screamed "homemade at the last minute" -- I'll spare you the details, but it involved aluminum foil, construction paper, and a vacuum cleaner hose, plus the liberal application of Scotch tape -- but it also screamed "firefighter," which was the desired effect.

So we get to her school, and the BG proudly marches in in her outfit, and tells everyone she's a firefighter, and one of the other kids -- a girl about a year older than the BG -- says knowingly, "Girls can't be firefighters."

And I say, "Yes they can!"

And she says, "No, they can't. My mom said. Because they aren't big enough to carry men."

The rage, oh, the RAGE.

But you can't go off on a 4-year-old, and it's not even her fault, it's her mom that's the problem. (And just -- what kind of mom, in 2011, tells her daughter that girls can't be firefighters???)

So I said, in a definitive mom voice, "Girls can definitely be firefighters. I'm pretty sure there was a lawsuit about that." I made sure to say it where the teachers could hear, and sure enough one of them chimed in.

And I kissed my baby girl and went to work and downloaded a dozen images of women firefighters (this one is my favorite) and slapped together a couple collages to tape up in her playroom.


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