Apr. 8th, 2011

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I ditched work a little early today so RM & I could go to the movies. We saw Hanna, which was good, and not easily comparable to anything else. I wasn't expecting as much of a fairy tale as I got, but the contemporary and fairy tale elements really came together. (Though there was a scene that screamed Galaxyquest at me, and I am VERY dubious about a fundamental plot point.) I especially liked the score -- not the actual music so much as the way it shifted with the POV. Any movie with kids, though, hits me a lot differently these days than it would've five years ago.

There were some good trailers before the movie -- Captain America, and something called Priest that looks to be a cross between Underworld and Chronicles of Riddick. And then ... then there was a shot of that statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, which I identified instantly as the beginning of the Fast Five trailer, because I am SO psyched for that movie and have watched various trailers online many, many times. RM made fun of me for this, and I did not even care, because Paul Walker was saying something and Vin Diesel was rumbling back at him.

We've been watching a lot of Justified lately -- it's just about the only TV show I'm into these days, at least until Sherlock is back -- I am LOVING the second season, even more than the first. The dialogue is fantastic, and there are so many really great characters. Tim Olyphant is more than capable of carrying the show by himself, but he's surrounded by strong actors (Walton Goggins, especially, but also Margo Martindale and Nick Searcy). The other night there was a scene in which Olyphant's character was drunk, and it took us a minute to realize it because he wasn't doing the usual actorly stumble and slur. His gestures were a little loose, and he was saying things that were kinda reckless, and we realized he was drunk the same way we'd realize it face-to-face with an actual drunk person, not because he had the acting equivalent of a neon sign reading "DRUNK!" over his head.

I'm sure there were other things I wanted to say, but darned if I remember what they were. (I'll probably remember as soon as I close my laptop.)


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