Feb. 17th, 2011

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Thing About Celebrities #1: More than a week later, I still have not figured out why the news that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are splitting up strikes me as particularly sad.

Thing About Celebrities #2: Don't -- just don't -- tweet or blog or otherwise publicly express your condolences or sorrow or whatever for the latest truly awful thing to happen to some other celebrity. Because no matter how sincere you are, it will come across as though you're using their tragedy to score a headline on People.com.

Two Worlds Collided ... I was in a meeting today, and someone referred to his P*werP*int presentation as a W.I.P. (doubleyou aye pee), and someone else corrected his pronunciation (to "wip"), and a third someone said, "I just this morning learned what that meant!" and I said, "work in progress?" and he said, "You knew that?" And somehow it didn't seem the right place to explain how.

Love, Love, Love: This photo.

The Other Princess Diana: I was confused to read in this article that Adrianne Palicki will be playing Wonder Woman as well as "her true identity, corporate powerhouse Diana Prince." "Diana Prince" is her cover identity, right? Or are they revising the story so much that she's not even an Amazon any more?

The BG: She does & says awesome things every day, and I think, "I should post that!" but then I can never remember what the latest awesome thing was. She wants to be a firefighter (and when a visitor said, "What about a princess?" she thought for a second and said, "Nah"). She calls me and Mark "guys" -- "Guys, look at this!" She says, "I'm a great finder!" -- and she is, I'm constantly misplacing things and she knows where they are. And she's a huge fan of Mumford & Sons' "The Cave"; she watches the video every night before bed and can sing along with a sizable chunk of the lyrics (though it's disconcerting to hear a 3-year-old warble some of them).


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