Jan. 30th, 2011

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-- The BG is a big fan of Lady Gaga. We were coming home from the grocery store yesterday, and she was in a terrible mood -- hungry and tired. At her request I skipped ahead to "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich," and by the time we were home she said, "I feel better now, Mama, this song makes me feel better."

-- Herschel Walker has decided to break into mixed martial arts, and he won his second pro fight last night -- at *48*.

-- I was reading aloud from a vintage book of nursery rhymes (copyright 1916) and ran across a bunch that would NEVER be published today: a mom whipping her daughters, three kids drowning b/c they cut class, etc. We've gotten soft, y'all.

-- And then there's Robin and Richard:

Richard and Robin were two pretty men;
They laid abed till the clock struck ten;
Robin starts up and looks at the sky,
Oh ho! brother Richard, the sun's very high,
Do you go before with the bottle and bag,
And I'll follow after on little Jack Nag.

Maybe it's the slash goggles, but does it sound to anyone else like Robin and Richard are leaving separately so no one will realize they spent the night together?

-- I've been using the slow cooker a lot more lately -- it's SO VERY AWESOME to come home and have supper ready when we walk in the door -- but for some reason I've been reluctant to make the classic cream-of-mushroom-soup-dumped-over-a-roast. I finally got over myself and tried it (w/cream of asparagus soup, b/c we had some in the cupboard), and it was yummy -- no, I mean REALLY yummy -- and now I feel stupid for holding out for so long.


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