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So, despite my last several posts, my life hasn't entirely been consumed by parenting -- I really do sometimes do fannish things.

For the past couple nights, RM & I have been watching Luther. I wasn't completely convinced after the first episode, but by the end of the second I was well and truly hooked. There's not as much detecting as I'm used to -- it's mostly Luther having these leaps of intuition and then figuring out how to manipulate people. They are amazing leaps, though, and I love Idris Elba's performance. My only complaint is that, between the accents and the mumbling, we have to turn the volume way up to figure out what anyone is saying.

A couple weeks ago we watched The Eagle on demand, and then I munched through all the Esca/Marcus fic on AO3, pausing to savor Time yet for a hundred indecisions, by linaerys and just about everything by Carmarthen.

There was a burst of Fast Five enthusiasm after the movie came out, but it seems to have died way down, I think because the ending of the most recent installment almost obliges people to work Mia and the baby in there somewhere. Still, it got me checking in with Vin Diesel's Facebook page every so often, and I was VERY psyched to see hints that the third Riddick film is underway. (John Scalzi wrote an article about the perils of sequels that referenced Chronicles of Riddick as a terrible sequel, which puzzled me, because I *loved* the way that sequel created a whole world from the glimpses we got in Pitch Black.)

p.s. Thanks to all who posted to say they like Spiderman! The BG enjoyed studying all your icons, and has expressed no further reservations about her shoes.


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