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1. The other day on the way to school the BG reminisced about grandpapa's cat that died, and then observed that our cat will die at some point. (The cat's almost 21 and very frail, so this is something we've discussed.) And I said something like, "Yep, everything that's alive eventually dies, people and animals and plants."

And she said confidently, "But not me!"

And I turned to RM and said, "What do I say to that?"

And he said, "Hell if I know."

So we left it like that.

2. Several times on vacation we've had access to a pool, and the BG has really enjoyed playing in the water with me. So when I saw a Groupon offering a discounted membership at a nearby pool, I decided to sign up. We've been to the pool five times since Memorial Day, and she can already dog-paddle all the way across the pool in her floaties!

3. Thursday I zipped my dress up most of the way and waited for an opportune moment to get RM to zip it the rest of the way. But that moment never came, and I forgot all about it, and went to work, and went to some meetings at work, and talked with a bunch of coworkers, and then as I was getting ready to leave work I realized it had been unzipped ALL DAY LONG.

I'm not horribly embarrassed only because I am very sure that 90 percent of the people I encountered would have told me if they'd noticed it, so I figure it must not have been terribly obvious. (It was unzipped to just above my bra strap, and I had my hair down, so maybe it looked like a V back or something.)


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