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1. Fast Five: Paul Walker puzzles me; there were scenes that made me think, God, he can't act at ALL and others that were just fine. But there's something about him that makes me want to cuddle him even when -- especially when -- he acts badly, so that's OK. I really enjoyed the movie -- the pacing was especially solid, the humor didn't seem forced (for the most part), the chemistry in every direction was palpable.

2. Two awesome royal wedding-related photos.

3. Showing my ass in Vegas: Las Vegas is kinda like DC in that a higher-than-usual proportion of residents came there from somewhere else. Making conversation with a cab driver, I could easily have said, "So, are you originally from Vegas?" Instead, I phrased it, "Where are you from originally?" (meaning, "From which US city/state did you come to Vegas?") But he was Asian-American (from Hawaii, as it turned out), and that is a question many Asian-Americans get tired of being asked ALL the TIME (as a clumsy way of asking "what ethnicity are you?" which is an iffy question anyhow, but especially insensitive when phrased in such a way as to assume a POC isn't American). Right after I said it I *knew* it would come across like that. I said something lame afterward like, "Vegas is like DC, it seems like everyone you meet is from somewhere else," but I'm pretty sure it didn't help at all. Ugh.

4. William Shakespeare's Terminator the Second. Heh.

5. The BG continues to be awesome: First, she is ridiculously strong for a 3-year-old; the other day at the grocery store she took a 12-pack of Coke cans off the shelf and put it under our cart. I was so impressed, when we got to the parking lot I had her take it off the cart herself so RM could see. (A group of teenage boys walking past also saw, and they *applauded*.) Second, when I leave her room after putting her to bed, she has taken to reminding me that if I see any crocodiles in my room I should come into her room, so she can keep me safe. Third, she is a huge fan of Lightning McQueen (the red car from Disney's Cars) -- except that she's never seen the movie, so she doesn't know the car's name; she thinks it's called Highway, because she first saw it in a video for "Life is a Highway." Thanks to ubiquitous branding, she now as "highway jammies" and "highway bandaids" and "highway pull-ups." Finally, she told me the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" would make a really good lullaby ("tonight's gonna be a good night").

6. I do not think it means what you think it means: Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary has a poor definition of earworm. I think of an earworm as a song that is particularly catchy and keeps getting stuck in one's head. Their definition? "a tune that is heard repeatedly in one's imagination." It's like they took the actual definition and sent it through an online translator and then sent it through again, back into English. I can see how they got from one to the other, but an earworm isn't the same as an auditory hallucination.
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